Best Car Speakers For Bass 2016 Reviews and Rating

The 2016 Best Car Speakers For You: Tips and Reviews of Quality Speakers Available

You probably know that choosing the best car speakers is the easiest way to significantly improve your overall driving experience.

Now, there are lots of speakers available on the market and it can be quite difficult for a newbie to pick and choose the right product for himself. If that sounds like you then this article is going to help you pick a great pair of speakers for your car and upgrade you audio system! Three of the most popular models are listed right below.

Best Kicker Speaker
Kicker 40CS654
300 Watt 4-Ohm 2-Way Speakers
600 Watts Peak Power
200 Watts RMS
Reliable, remarkable-sounding coaxial factory upgrades
Fits into virtually any vehicle application
Best JBL Speaker
JBL GT7-6C Speaker Set
6.5" GT7 Series 2-Way Speakers
Power Handling: Peak: 300 watts
Polypropylene Plus One cone
Foam surround and high quality materials
1-3/16" PEI edge driven dome tweeter
Best Rockford Speaker
Rockford R165X3
Vacuum Polypropylene cone
Rubber surround
Integrated tweeter crossover
Silk dome pole mounted Piezo tweeter and midrange
Different sizes available to fit almost any car

best car speakers

Finding The Best Car Speakers 2016

JBL Car Speaker:

JBL logoThis 60-year old company from North America is perhaps one of the oldest and most well-known manufacturers of car speakers.

Their speakers have in fact managed to define the way car speakers are made now. Whether you want a 6.9 inches or 6.6 inches frontal (door) speakers, whether you prefer your music level to be low or high, whether you prefer a decent and accurate sound system or a powerful bass level, you simply cannot go wrong with JBL car speakers!

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Kicker Speaker:

Kicker SpeakerAlthough primarily known as the manufacturer of high quality, square loud speakers, they also manufacture other things such as portable or home-based marine, mobile auto products, etc.

If you are participating in music competitions or prefer a high bass level then believe me, you would want to get your subwoofers directly from Kicker.

They produce some of the best quality subwoofers available on the market which are perfect for any kind of competition!

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Boston Acoustics:

New Boston Acoustics 2008 Logos

Like JBL, they are also one of the very well known and well recognized brands of car speakers available today.

One of the few car speaker manufacturers which started with home audio niche and have lately moved on to the domain of mobile audios, they produce only top quality speakers.

Regardless of what kind of speaker you are looking for, as long as you are buying it from Boston Acoustics, you are assured of getting high quality and great sounding speakers!

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Car Speaker Reviews: Top 5 To Choose

Next I am going to review some of the most popular car speakers available in the market today. Speakers come in pair, as you already know. All these reviews are of course, for a pair of speakers:

JBL GTO638 6.5-Inches 3-Way Speakers (Pair) Review:

JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way Speakers (Pair)

JBL GTO638 speakers are one of the best as well as one of the most popular speakers available in the market.

Car owners like it because these speakers are able to produce a high quality, smooth, clear and accurate sound quality.

They did not start as a car speaker manufacturing company though; for the past six decades they have been making speakers which are widely being used at music halls, studios, theatres, concerts, etc.

The reason why their speakers can produce such a high quality, smooth sounding music is because they use some of the most advanced technologies available such as JBL’s Plus.

Even if you are looking for a speaker with a powerful bass level then too JBL GTO638 would work for you because it offers more cone surface compared to any other speaker; also, the low- Q woofer is designed especially to keep the bass level to an accurate level.

Even if you like to play music at the loudest range possible, then too you don’t need to worry as JBL GTO638’s peak power handling of as much as 180-watt would ensure that you enjoy loud music just as same as soft music.

JBL GTO638 speakers are made with the highest quality materials available and if that is not enough, they are also tested on a wide scale for several hours to ensure quality and compatibility.

JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way Speakers (Pair)

Also, if you are on a tight budget, you need not worry because these speakers are cheap. You can get a pair of JBL GTO638 on Amazon starting for as low as $65! All in all, I believe that JBL GTO638 speakers are really worth the investment.

Another popular product manufactured by JBL is the JBL GTO938 6.9-Inch 3-Way Loudspeaker. As it uses a tweeter which is twelve millimeters long and made of Mylar-titanium, this product ensures a high quality audio experience.

Don’t be alarmed because the product is not as large and bulky as you think! In fact, given the size and weight of the product, it is a miracle that it can produce such a soothing and high quality audio sound!

You can always adjust the tweeter according to your needs and requirements and on top of that, the product also comes at a cheap price: Less than $70! Given the small size and high quality, I would definitely not hesitate to recommend it to all car owners!

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Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5-Inches 180-Watt High-Performance 2-Way Speakers

Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5-Inch 180-Watt High-Performance 2-Way Speakers (Pair)

If for some reasons you feel that JBL speakers are not for you, well you can always go for the second best quality speakers available.

Introducing the Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5-Inches 180-Watt High-Performance 2-Way Speakers! If you are looking for quality speakers for your car then look no further. The Infinity series of speakers are the second bestselling car speakers on Amazon, right next to JBL.

They have been around for six years with a proven track record of delivering the best types of speakers possible based on the price range and product quality you choose!

The dom used in the Infinity Reference 6032cf series is quite different compared to that of average car speakers. If you buy home audio speakers from them, those speakers come with doms which are totally edgy!

If you use these home audio speakers in your car, I can guarantee that you won’t experience any kind of distortion or noise no matter how loud you play your music; the other thing that is guaranteed is a very high power handling capacity at 180 watts.

Considering that you are getting a pair of speakers which work great even at maximum sound volume, I believe that they are a great deal given the cheap price of $43.52 only!

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Pioneer TS-A1675R 6 1/2 Inch 3-Way TS Series Coaxial Car Speakers:

Pioneer TS-A1675R 6-1/2" 3-Way TS Series Coaxial Car Speakers

This is yet another product which is a best seller on Amazon.

With a high power handling capacity of up to 300 watts and a frequency response that ranges from 37 to 25,000 hertz, the Pioneer TS-A1675R series of speakers are a steal given their low price of only $43.

They come in super slim sizes and you can install them anywhere you please! Also, their surface comes with a protective layer to ensure that they are not damaged by either water or sunlight!

You can get an accurate sound quality even if you are playing music at the maximum range possible. You can also choose between a bass level of mid and full ranges.

To ensure that the audio does not get distorted even when music is being played loud, the speakers come with 4 ohms impedance which controls the power handling in such a way that the level of the speakers is always kept at an appropriate range.

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Kicker Cs54 5.25 Inch Coaxial Cs-series Speakers with Polypropylene Cones

Kicker Cs54 5.25 Inch Coaxial Cs-series Speakers with Polypropylene Cones

The Kicker Coaxial Speakers series come with a power handling capacity of 225 watts which is slightly below the capacity of the Pioneer TS-A1675R 6 1/2 Inch 3-Way TS Series Coaxial Car Speakers I have reviewed above.

The cones of the speakers are made of polypropylene which are about 5 1/4 inches in size, while the doms of the speaker’s tweeters are about half-an inch in size.

You can play music at a wide range of frequencies; the speakers can handle a frequency as low as 45 hertz and as high as 20 kilohertz!

No matter which frequency range you play the music at, you are always ensured quality and accurate sounding music.

The 0.5 inch dom sizes ensure that you can get a great listening experience through the use of a dynamic range of frequency levels.

To ensure that the speakers maintain an appropriate level of sound no matter the loudness of music, the product also comes with 4 ohms impedance to guarantee an even distribution of power!

In the end, I have only this much to tell you: you have invested a sizeable amount of money on your car, so don’t be cheap about car speakers. Remember that your speaker’s quality can create a different in how much you enjoy your music while driving.

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A quick, short distance drive can actually relax your nerves, according to several researchers. However, the same activity can prove to be boring and stressful if the journey is long and you have lots of traffic bottlenecks, craters, unruly and honking drivers to pass through!

Guess what comes to your rescue at this difficult moment? Your best car speakers of course! You can ease up your mind and enrich the driving experience by listening to your favorite music at the highest volume possible.

The problem is that there are many kinds of speakers available and it is difficult if not impossible to pick a good one for your car.

Two Types of speakers (components and coaxial)

2 Pairs KICKER DS68 6x8 2-Way Coaxial Car Audio Speakers 280 Watts Total 11DS68

The one thing you need to know is that there are two different types of speakers available for cars: components and coaxial. Each of them comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

If you are looking for a speaker which offers you a decent quality sound system, a decent bass and the ability to reproduce your music clearly and accurately, then coaxial speakers should be your ideal choice.

Most of the average drivers with a small budget to invest on best car speakers usually go for the coaxial speakers and more often than not, do quite well with them as the overall experience is nice even if not extraordinary.

On the other hand, the component speakers are made by assembling different varieties of components (hence the name) assembled together and as you can understand, they come at a higher price compared to the coaxial speakers.

The good thing about them is that if you are a finicky person and won’t settle for anything less than particular kind of sound and level of bass, then component speakers are for you; if you have zero experience installing the best car speakers, then I won’t suggest component speakers for you as these are extremely difficult to install (since they contain several units).

So there, I have listed two kinds of car speakers available, and it is now up to you to choose which one to go for.

However, one thing I would like to point out is that whether you prefer to go for component speakers or coaxial speakers, either of them would be a fair bargain for you because none of them offer a bad experience as far as listening to music is concerned!

What to look for when buying a  New Car speaker:

best car speakers

If you are new to speakers for cars, here are some of the things you should look for when buying a new pair of speakers for your car. It does not matter which type of speaker you want to go for, these tips would always come handy:

The model and other specifications of your car:

The first thing you should keep in mind when buying a new speaker for your car is your car model; it is also important to know the ins and outs of all the components of your car.

The one thing to note here is that although every car comes with a default set of speakers installed, believe me my friend, you won’t want to use them unless you want a really crappy experience!

Your music tastes:

Different people have different tastes for music. Some like hard rock and metal, others prefer pop music and yet others go for hip hop and rap. What kind of music suits your taste?

If you are a hip hop or metal rock fan, then it is of utmost importance to choose a speaker with a suitable bass level; however, if you prefer pop music more, then bass level is not as important but your speaker must have the ability to produce an accurate and clear sound.

Parts of speaker:


The third thing you need to focus is on are the different parts of the speaker; again this depends on your music taste.

If you are a pop music fan and want a speaker which can produce a clear and perfect sound even when playing at the maximum volume possible, you would want to know about the speaker’s tweeter;

You would want to go for a product whose tweeter is made from very lightweight materials as this would ensure that you get better highs and lows from the speaker as well as a clear and enriching sound experience; the lighter the materials of the speaker’s tweeter are, the better your experience would be!

On the other hand, if you are a hip-hop or metal music fan, you would obviously want to choose a speaker which offers a very good bass level; in such a case, check what the woofer of the speaker is made of – the stiffer the materials of the woofer, the better and more powerful the bass level and the richer your overall listening experience would be!

To conclude, the kind of speaker you want for your car very much depends on your personal music tastes and when you find a speaker that suits your tastes, you would want to look for the kind of materials that the specific components of the speakers are made of!

Common sizes of speakers available:

Kicker 41DSC684 D-Series 6x8-400 Watt 2-Way 4-Ohm Car Audio Coaxial Speakers

So far, you already know that the type of speaker you want to go for would very much depend on your car model, the components of our car as well as your own personal music taste.

Now, as a matter of fact, car speakers come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. The average size of a car speaker range from as small as one inch to as big as ten inches and in this case, the smallest size is NOT the winner!

If you want speakers with a powerful sound system then you would want to go for a large speaker; keep in mind that the bigger the size of your speaker, the better and larger its woofers and tweeters are and the richer your overall experience would be!

For this reason, smart buyers for whom money is not an issue choose component speakers over coaxial ones because component speakers tend to be larger (and hence, their enhanced ability to produce a clearer sound) than the coaxial ones.

If you want to know about a ‘one size fits all’ speaker then you should take a look at the speakers whose sizes are either 6 x 9 inches or 6 x 5 inches; no matter what your car specs are, these speaker sizes are the common choices for most car owners.

Naturally their bass and sound levels won’t be as good as those of say, a ten inch long speaker but hey, if you are on a tight budget and want the best of both worlds – good listening experience on a budget investment -, then these speaker sizes won’t be bad deals for you!

If you are on a tight budget, you should channelize the majority of your investment toward buying a pair of high quality frontal speakers; those speakers are the ones on which your music listening experience depends to a large extent.

The front speakers are like the vocal chords of the music and would make you feel as if you are listening to music sitting in a concert hall!

It is not important to invest a lot of money on the rear end speakers unless you worry too much about the bass level; most car owners usually do just fine with a decent pair of rear speakers!

Which car speaker brand is the best?:

Infinity Reference 6832cf 6 x 8/5 x 7-Inch, 180-Watt High Performance 2-Way Loudspeaker (Pair)

As it happens with any kind of car components, there are car speakers available from a variety of brands and if you are new to buying a car speaker then this can leave you confused.

There are a few car speaker brands which are reputable and known to deliver high quality speakers for cars. In the next part of this article I am going to discuss certain specific brands which have a solid base of happy and dedicated customers.

Note that when it comes to speakers, brand is not everything but then again, it goes without saying that you should buy from reputable brands only.