Best 6×9 Speaker Box Reviews (Top #5 To Chose)

If you are the one who loves travelling and consider music as the best companion in the trip, then building a great car audio system would be a necessity.

Music can change the mood, keep up the tempo and make a road trip much more exciting. You can enhance the quality of the music from your car’s audio system greatly by way of accessories such as amplifier, speaker boxes etc., 6×9 speaker boxes are currently the rage and the most preferred accessory by most of the drivers.

They are the simple solution to increase bass and the tweeters help to get clear highs into your car without the need to buy an expensive amplifier or a woofer. And yeah, they are the only solution if your vehicle lacks space.

Whether you are an avid camper and want to relax in the woods with the speakers in the rear of the car or want to install a speaker in your boat where the quality is not important as much as the loudness is, a 6×9 speaker box would suit your need.

Instead of a stock car stereo, if you upgrade to an aftermarket stereo you would be able to have a better sound quality and control.

You can purchase these speakers from the comfort of your home. Quite a few brands are available catering to all the needs that one can think of and at a range of prices suiting everyone’s budget.

Read through the specs and most importantly the rating and reviews from the users who had purchased earlier and are using the same. It would help you to decide which product would suit you well.

Shop around a bit, talk to those who had purchased and are using it now, to zero in that particular model which would be suitable for your needs and vehicle.

There are many websites which lets you ask any other query that you might have and let the experts answer to your satisfaction. You can also use a bass test CD to check the results. If your windows are shaking, then your decision is made!

While considering a 6×9 speaker box, the physical dimensions too are important. It must fit in your vehicle and unless it does, whatever be the quality of the bass or however clear your highs are, there is no point. The enclosures are generally recommended to be constructed with high quality MDF.

The carpet covering around the box adds to the quality of the sound. This covering is also responsible for the aesthetic appeal of the unit. Black and grey are highly preferred colours.

An enclosure enhances the ability of your 6×9 speaker immensely. It improves the speaker’s ability to play a wider range of bass frequencies.

We can buy such enclosures off the shelf. One can even build their own 6×9 boxes to suit their needs easily. Just a little time and materials would be needed. You can get materials even online. Multiples tutorials are also available.

The 6×9 car speaker box is no wonder considered as a versatile car audio machine.

An Honest Review Of Absolute 2SW6X9 6 x 9 Inches Pair Speaker Box with Speaker Terminal

Music has the magical ability to lift one’s mood instantly and during travel, the magic becomes multi folded. If you are the one who loves travelling and undertakes frequent road trips with only music as your travel companion, a stock car stereo is just not enough. It is prudent to invest in an aftermarket stereo as it offers a better sound quality and control.

Let us consider the Absolute SQ6X9 Individual SQUARE Speaker Box with speaker terminal, can hold one 6″ x 9″ Speaker today.

While it might be a too tall to fit in the back under the seat in some of the vehicles such as 2012 Chevy Silverado Crew cab, it fits in most others.

Even in those rare cases where it doesn’t fit, it would snugly do under and flush with the front of the back seat. For larger cabs though, they would just ideally fit in the rear and music can be played while you camp without the need to keep all the doors and the windows open.

The speakers fit nicely and the acoustic poly-fil is a definite plus. The terminals are quite simple, no other complications such as soldering, is required.

The sound quality is great and it also fits in any 6×9 speaker box nicely. The wire connectors are built in. Even though one can build such connectors later if not available already, it is a well thought and welcome feature that the box comes with. And the connectors indeed speak of quality.

The boxes are sturdy and give a solid feel. The exterior carpet is dark grey/black in colour, has a liner and is clean cut. One can see one seam though. Not going to interfere with your sound anyway.

Most of the uses feel happy about the purchase that have made and swear at the quality and the price. They not just can be used for camping vehicles but the shape and size are perfect for indoors too. They can fit in the bookshelves and the like.

Technical Specifications

  • Product dimension : 11 * 6 * 9 inches
  • Item Model number : 2SW6X9
  • Item Weight             : 10.2 pounds
  • Warranty : 1 year


  • The dimensions are perfect for all those space strapped vehicles
  • Durable carpet trimmings, of very high quality
  • Speaker terminal can be placed at the rear
  • The weight is not much
  • No rattle at high volumes too.
  • Competitive price, a better price considering the other models.


  • A few might not like the charcoal grey colour of the carpet.
  • Might have to add some more sound insulation.

This is a great product for all those who are looking for a solid speak box at a great price. Go ahead and try it. It might make a world of difference in the audio in your car. The product would certainly perk you up on all your road trips.

The bottom line: For the money, you can’t beat these boxes.

Absolute USA 6X9PKB 6 X 9 Inches Angled/Wedge Box Speakers, Set of Two (Black) 


  • Fitted Speaker Ports
  • Quality Packaging
  • Solid MDF construction
  • Value For Money


  • No Wires To Connect Terminals To Speakers
  • Not glued and braced
  • Quite Noticeable When Placed In Rear.

Short Report on Absolute USA 6x9PKB 6×9 Box Speakers

Your car manufacturer probably has put in the speakers with inexpensive material to suit any person on the car. If you love music, you definitely deserve more than that!

It will be like the difference between day and night when you switch over from your factory set speaker to Absolute USA 6×9 PKB 6×9 inches Angled/Wedge box speakers Set of two (Black)

If you are looking for a good pair of speakers for your car, Absolute USA is a notable brand. 6x9PKB is a good model amongst the others available in for sale.

With solid MDF construction, durable carpet and terminal speaker cup, it covers all the most wanted requirements expected of a car speaker.

Irresistible Appearance Of Absolute USA 6×9 PKB Speakers

Being a 2 – way car speaker, Absolute USA can be a great choice. It is sure to get you an envied look from anyone who enters your car! You are sure to get more popular and attractive among your group!

With a 2 year warranty, it is a wise choice to choose Absolute USA 6×9 PKB. 6×9 inches Angled/Wedge box speakers make it appealing to the eyes as well as your ears.

Absolute USA 6x9PKB Model Is A Sure Shot Performer

It can easily fit under your Jeep seat or in your trunk. It is a good performance product that can be trusted with a complete 2 year warranty on board.

The design of the product is also so rare these days that makes Absolute USA a great pick among all the speakers available in the market for sale.

These box speakers are your best choice if driving with music lures you. Being a 2 – way speaker it is fully your choice on where the speakers should be placed and left to your choice is the way you want to enjoy music on the go!

Bottom line

Opt for Absolute USA 6x9PKB for a good speaker in your car. It is definitely worth your money and the packaging is awesome.

Just take care of where you put your speakers. When you are planning to place the speakers in the rear, it is going to restrict your views, and placing in the trunk is the best fit, even if it means a little lesser boot space.

If placed in the rear, in the event of a crash they could become dangerous missiles and attack you.

Pair up your music system with Absolute USA 6x9PKB to rival out any home audio experience! Enjoy travel as well as music in one go!

In A Nut Shell

Colour Black
Product Weight 10 pounds
Product Dimensions 15 x 13 x 9.5 inches
Box volume (net. int.)  0.20 cubic feet (per box)
Packaging Frustration Free Packaging
Warranty 2 year
Date Introduced Jan 1, 2013


Atrend 6X9PR B Box Series 6 x 9 Inches Pair Speaker Box with Speaker Terminal


  • Super Fit
  • Trendy Look, Soft Edges
  • Solid MDF construction
  • Value For Money


  • Caulking is not very good; needs glue
  • Not recommended For reuse

Short Report on Atrend 6x9PR B Box Series 6×9 Inches Pair Speaker Box

Your factory music setting of your car can make your music feel lifeless at times. Choose having a speaker like Atrend 6×9 PR box type for a good feel.

You will definitely enjoy the funky music and the loud drummers way better than your original factory speakers. The major advantage of using a 6×9 speaker is that you need not have an extra woofer for those sound effects you love, this speaker has it all!

It has an MDF construction with a premium carpeted finish making your speaker as elegant and rich as you. It has rounded edges making it safe even for your baby to touch and feel the music without getting a scratch from it. It is safe to place it in the interiors of the car as you like it.

When the price of the product is considered, it is definitely value for money product, in comparison to the other brands of 6×9 speakers.

Enviable Looks Of Atrend 6×9 PR

The colours of the Atrend speaker are Black with Red, which would suit any type of car. It is also smaller in size compared to many other speakers in the field. Making it compact and sturdy looking among other speakers.

This 2-way speaker is worth buying anyone’s attention as they get into your car. It is such a pleasant treat for your eyes!

Atrend 6x9PR B Box – Road Tested For You

With Atrend speakers, you might just want to stop by and listen to the perfect clarity of the sound with no distortion. Atrend speaker is best in making it a joyous experience to ride and listen to the music of your choice.

With the number of positive reviews online, you are sure not fooled while you buy this product, it will definitely serve the purpose!

With a strong commitment to quality, this product is definitely worth having in your car for several years to come.

Although, it is definitely not a good choice to have it shifted from car to car. Many cases of not worth the effort have been reported in that regard.

Bottom line

Overall, the price is a good bet too. If you are planning to buy a speaker for your car, Atrend can sure be one of your top choices. It is definitely worth the price product with easy installation too

Don’t drive another day with your usual boring speakers of the cars. Choose Atrend 6×9 PB box series for a happy jolly ride. What not, it is safe on your pockets too.

In A Nut Shell

Appearance Black And Red Spring Loaded Terminal Cups
Product Weight 8 pounds
Product Dimensions 12 x 6 x 8 inches
Warranty 1 year
Date Introduced July 7th, 2004


Car SUV Truck Wedge Black 6-Inch X 9-Inch Speaker boxes sealed 6X9 enclosures TR69

A car is the biggest asset for a voyager! The best companion for any long drive is music. If you are a car buff, you would know what it is to maintain a car.

Trips with friends and family has its very own charisma. Each has its own kind of music and style! Installing a music system in your car is the best thing to do if you are an avid traveler.

The new age traveler works all week and journeys all weekend! If you are this kind, you know what it is like to have thumping music rolling on Friday evening till the tunes turning melodious on a Sunday journey back home!

Lately, I planned to try the Car SUV Truck Wedge Black 6-Inch X 9-Inch Speaker boxed sealed 6X9 enclosures TR69. Being a car buff, I am always ready to explore car accessories!

After reading the reviews I was eager to try it in my car. This comes in pair with a 6-inch X 8.75-inch diameter speaker hole. The product has gold screw posts which fits all vehicles. Many sellers offer moderate prices online.

Silky and Smooth Looks!

The speakers excellent design makes it a top-notch fit for your car! The front is slanted and the back is flat with an absolute black aviation carpet wire leads.  The MDF hardwood is of high quality making it last long! The pricing is specified for 1 pair/ set of 2 enclosures.

Sycho sound is known for its excellent quality and great pricing. The black enclosures make it attractive and blow up the sound even from beneath the seat! After installing this in my car, I felt convinced to share these pointers with you:

  • Installing them behind the seats of any car is easy as the speakers fits well.
  • Strong build, manages even around a sturdy jeep
  • Thick and durable gauge speaker wires soldered into the box
  • Fits to the T for all cars
  • Easily customizable

I found very few cons which is negotiable to me, still sharing for those who might consider it prime:

  • The new glossy-glued smell can stay in your car for almost a week making you spray the air-freshener more than a couple of times a day. Still this is a good guarantee that the product is new!
  • Some tweaks might be required depending on the car type to enhance the quality of the sound. For example, I used a couple of long bolts behind the stability bar to tighten the stand and ensure that the speakers hold fit with no disturbance!
  • Where you buy matters!

The Verdict: The Splendid Luggage for your Car!

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