Alpine SWS-12D2 Review and Specs 2016

Alpine SWS-12D2 Review, Spec and Wiring guide here.

High End Technology Now At Affordable Prices- SWS-12D2 – Alpine 12 Dual 2-Ohm 500W RMS Type-S Car Subwoofer.

Alpine is known to produce high end subwoofers which are liked for the depth and clarity of the bass sounds.

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In fact many a Hip Hop and Rock & Roll musicians have expressed their love for the detail these 6×9 Car subwoofer give to the sounds of a bass guitar and the boom it adds to the drumming.

Alpine has now brought the same high end technology to its Car subwoofer – the SWS-12D2 – Alpine 12 Dual 2-Ohm 500W RMS Type-S Car Subwoofer.

Features of Alpine SWS-12D2

  1. It is a 12” Sub-Woofer
  2. It has 5 layer dual 2Ω voice coils
  3. It has Kevlar reinforced pulp woofer cone which is surrounded by HAMRS Santoprenerubber.
  4. It has a power handling capacity of 150-500 watts RMS and max power of 1500watts
  5. It has a sensitivity of 86.4dB at 1watt.
  6. It has a progressive conex spider design.
  7. The sub-woofer has a frequency range of 26–200 Hz.
  8. Recommended sealed box volume: 0.71–1.06cu. Ft & ported box volume: 1.06–1.56cu. Ft and a Top-mount depth of 5-13/16″
  9. Product dimensions of 8.7 x 3.9 x 7.1 inchesand weighs 15.2 pounds.
  10. It comes with a one year warranty
  11. Priced at $100-$110on
  12. Rated at 4 stars on Amazon.

What we like about Alpine SWS-12D2 Specs?

* The woofer cone has a parabolic cone structure which is the optimum design to increase the depth of sound without any distortions.

* The woofer cone which is made of pulp is reinforced with Kevlar which ensures that the cone remains rigid against the air pressure due to the sound waves and so even at the highest RMS power of 500 watts and extreme volumes, there are no cone distortions which leads to a consistent and accurate sound system.

* The woofer cone is surrounded by the High Amplitude Multi Roll Surround (HAMRS) santoprene rubber which is considered by experts to be one of the best materials for absorbing distorting vibrations.

* It has a progressive conex spider design which improves the linearity of sound produced.

* The best part of the Alpine design is of course the patented compound radius curve pole geometry of the magnets which ensures that the magnetic flux produced is symmetric which means greater clarity and greater accuracy of sounds even in high power conditions.

* It has a dual 2Ω voice coils which offer a user the wiring options for a 1Ω and a 4Ω setup.

* These voice coils are over-sized with 5 layers which help in handling the high RMS produced by them.

What we don’t like about Alpine SWS-12D2?

  • The lower frequency range can lead to some issues with sound blending with respect to other subwoofers.

And Finally

Get into the groove and let the power, depth and clarity of the premium bass, sounds so loved by musicians, into your car with the Alpine SWS-12D2.

Their superior designs combined with high end materials are sure to amaze you with the complexity that they will add to your favourite tracks.

Click Here to Buy SWS-12D2 – Alpine

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