Boss Cxx10The Boss Audio CXX10 is yet another innovation from one of the world’s leading providers of quality sound enhancers. With recent technology that came in with this subwoofer, it is a guaranteed hit among starters and experts in car upgrades.

This product from Boss is one with a 10” woofer with a single 4-ohm voice coil, much to a standard of almost all high performing subwoofers available in the market. With a sensitivity of up to 87 decibels and 38 hertz of resonant frequency, the quality of sound that this device make is crisp, clear and authentic.

The subwoofer can be powered to up to 800 watts maximum and RMS power handling of up to 400 watts. The device also comes with a 3-year platinum dealer warranty.

With a facade that speaks extremeness and a bass output of depth, the CXX10 subwoofer is the stylish upgrade to your auto’s system with clarity and crispiness unlike any other. The sub’s metallic black finish that flourish interior with class, this release displays looks and sound that stand out above the rest.

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Product Features

  • Subwoofer Size: 10”
  • Peak Power Handling: 800 watts
  • RMS Power Handling: 400 watts
  • Voice Coil Configuration: Single
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Mounting Diameter: 9.2 inches
  • Mounting Depth: 4.5625”
  • Frequency Sensitivity: 36 Hz
  • QES: 0.76
  • QMS: 4.23
  • QTS: 0.64
  • VAS: 1.533 cubic feet
  • Xmax (One-Way): 7 mm
  • Sensitivity: 87 decibels
  • Recommended Sealed Enclosure: 0.65 cubic feet
  • Recommended Ported Enclosure: 1 cubic feet
  • Port Diameter: 3.5 inches
  • Port Length: 10 inches
  • Port Frequency: 38 Hz

Product Highlights

Ported Enclosure

This subwoofer will survive in a ported enclosure. A ported enclosure is plain simple to spot because of its vent or port. This enclosure is bigger than a sealed enclosure and it possesses a greater SPL output, resulting in a bass that is so deep, it is almost chest thumping with authority. An amplifier with a subsonic filter is recommended for proper tuning and optimum subwoofer performance.

Sealed Enclosure

This subwoofer will perform well in a sealed enclosure as well. It yields a solid, tight bass. A purchase of a prefabricated enclosure, or to have one built to suit installation needs. Sealed enclosures are easy to build and are small, which this subwoofer is designed appropriate.

Single Voice Coil

This subwoofer has a single voice that can be amped by an appropriate match of an amplifier, or can be combined with multiple single voice coils to achieve a variety of impedance to suit your preference. Single voice coil subwoofers are ideal for applications that consume low to medium power.


This item from Boss is the next option appropriate for the next car upgrade that you have been planning. With specs ranging from single voice coils to 87 decibels sound sensitivity, your car upgrade will achieve not just another level, but a level with crisp, depth and clarity unlike any other in the market.

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