Cadence DCW 12 RVC Daytona Competition Subwoofers Review

A look into the car audio system with Cadence DCW 12 RVC, 30 cm (12”)

Is listening to music while driving not as much fun anymore? Are the acoustics not strong enough to feel the good beat? Then it is time to change the speakers in the vehicle.

The latest in the market is Cadence DCW 12 RVC. The 30 cm (12 inches) Competition Subwoofer Daytona Series is something to look up.

The system has a variety of truly impressive features which makes listening to music a whole new experience. The starting price is from $299.

Cadence DCW 12 RVC

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There are other Cadence Subwoofer speakers in the market that are priced lower than this and you might wonder why pay such a high price for this? Read on to find out why the price is worth every penny.

Sound is a vibration that spreads via a medium such as air or water. The construction of a speaker is similar to that of a musical instrument.

Large speakers suit low frequency. A single speaker will have to change its circumference to maintain similar levels. The dispersion over the frequency spectrum has to be upheld.

The difference between standard and competition subwoofers is that the design work applied on the competition are formulated with larger structures, sufficient weight and enough power production in comparison to the traditional and standard subs.

Bass provides most of the rhythm and feeling to the song. The volume and clarity, amount of voltage the system can put out, along with the size of the subwoofer, all matter.

A detailed review of the Cadence DCW 12 RVC, 30 cm (12”)

Features of Cadence DCW 12 RVC

·         30cm (12″) Competition Subwoofer Daytona Series

·         RMS Power Handling: 1500 Watts

·         PEAK Power Handling: 3000 Watts

·          Frequency Response: 20Hz – 1kHz

·         Magnet Efficiency: 92dB @ 1w/1m

·         Cast Aluminium Basket Cast Frame 3″,7,6 cm

·         Double coated 350oz

  • Fourfold Voice Coil Depth: 191mm
  • Dual 2 Ohm Frequency Response: 20Hz – 1kHz
  • Magnet Efficiency: 92dB @ 1w/1m

Pros of Cadence DCW 12 RVC

·         Power handling capacity is very good

·         Double thick washer plates

·         Super long excursion

·         Replaceable voice coils ‘RVC’ model

·         Very tolerant of positioning

·         With a small voice coil the cone is able to be more resonant compared to the same size cone with a large voice cons

·         Stability during most demanding excursions

·         Easy to integrate into truck or car audio system and enjoy the competition grade power

·         Compressed approach to big approach performance


·         The subs are not great

·         Fairly high priced


Cadence is one of the leaders of the competitive world of subwoofers and speakers. The number of trophies they have won is incredible.

The amps they provide are fantastic. One of the best ways to enjoy your good music while on the road is to get their latest speaker – the Cadence DCW 12 RVC.

The experience that one gets from this product might make you feel like you have never heard music before. Fitting into larger vehicles is also easier so you will not have to worry about entertainment while you are driving around in your food truck!

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