Cadence DCW 15RVC Competition Subwoofer, Daytona Series Review

Another view of the newest subwoofer: The Cadence DCW 15RVC, 38cm (15”)

What makes driving, long distance or short is either the company or the music. When alone in the car, it is the music that provides the company and Cadence DCW 15RVC is one of the best Cadence Subwoofer you can ever wish for.

And how can the music provide the fun and entertainment when you cannot feel the beat? The acoustics makes all the difference.

Sound is the reception of audible waves of pressure and how it is being perceived by the brain.

Most of the speakers are made up of plastic or cone and come loosely suspended in a frame so as to enhance the ability to move back and forth when electricity passes through.

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High output and power specifications enable competition subwoofers to have an incredible advantage over standard subwoofers.

The audio experience is more impactful. Cadence is known to have one of the best competition grade consumer electronics.

The mission of Cadence has always been to build products to perform at its very best. It has earned a very well reputed name for the way it designs durable and effective products.

A variety of factors like the subwoofer box and overall system including the amplifier system has an impact on the perfect subwoofers for competition. Many subwoofers utilize different units of power based on the level of sound.

An overall look at the Cadence DCW 15RVC, 38cm (15”)

Features of Cadence DCW 15RVC

  • 38cm (15″) Competition Subwoofer Daytona Series
  • Recone kit and aluminium box
  • RMS Power Handling: 1500 Watts
  • PEAK Power Handling: 3000 Watts
  • Significant attention to acoustic performance
  • Strong treble energy
  • 38 cm (15 inches)
  • Dual 2 Ohm Frequency Response: 20Hz – 1kHz
  • Fourfold Voice Coil Depth: 191mm
  • Magnet Efficiency: 92dB @ 1w/1m
  • 15 inch sub with sufficient power capacity aims to prevent overheat

Pros of Cadence DCW 15RVC

  • Revised subwoofers for dramatically improved output and sound quality
  • Better suspension and motor structure
  • Cost and performance increases with voice coil size
  • More surface area and air movement aids in delivering more output than expected
  • Performs confidently in most demanding high powered scenario because of the 15 inch sub dimension
  • Assertive bass sound
  • Heavy hitting competitions take their weight with the Recone kit and Aluminium Box
  • 3000 watts of peak power
  • Pro-grade materials such as Aluminium


  • It can be expensive but will prove worth the bucks spent on it.
  • Shipping delays can occur


The brand and the product swear to take special measures to create extraordinary products. And this is one such product that is designed to blow your mind in every way.

An experience you will never fail to enjoy. The idea of listening to music varies. Cadence is promoted as one of the largest performance subwoofer in the world.

It can produce brusque clear sound with fantastic bass production. This subwoofer will ensure that the price you pay for it seems worth it with the kind of music experience it offers.

The latest revisions made in output and sound quality delivers much better effects than you could ever expect.

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