Cadence Acoustics S2W12D2.V2 2 Ohm 1200W 12 Subwoofer Review

Indulge in Bass Love with a Cadence 12” Subwoofer

Cadence s2w12d2 is the sub-woofer for you if you’re a music lover and you spend loads of time driving your car, then one investment you should opt for is a subwoofer system.

Now the subwoofers that we use at our home or those used in movie screens are entirely different. What you want for your car would entirely depend upon the space you have in your car and your comfort level.

This Cadence Acoustics S2W12D2.V2 2 Ohm 1200W 12″ Subwoofer is a perfect choice for your car if you have limited space and you are still looking forward to hearing some great bass.

Cadence Acoustics S2W12D2.V2 2 Ohm 1200W 12 Subwoofer

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They are a perfect add owing to their compact size and attractive features that are bound to make long drives a thing to look forward to.

These speakers have every part of theirs reengineered to deliver the best of quality. Their baskets are remodeled and are sturdier and their motor structure is robust with improved strength.

A basic research on which type of speaker will suit your need, a comparison on performances of different products and how much of space you have in your car will all play major roles in arriving at the product you want.

A detailed review with the devices features, pros and cons will let you decide on how well this product will suit your need.

Features of Cadence s2w12d2

·        1200 W peak power handling

·        600 W RMS power

·        Rolled and expanded steel basket

·        Magnet motor Heat sink with heat pump cooling technology

·        Aero style magnet motor vent, oversize

·        Double laminated foam surround

·        Compact at 10.2 pounds

·        Dimensions – 14.6*7.9* 13.8 inches

·        Mount Depth – 6.5 inches

·        Dual voice coils

·        12 inch diameter

·        4 layer aluminum voice coil former in black

·        Paper composite cone

Pros of Cadence s2w12d2

Cadence s2w12d2

·        The bass response is very high with the high excursion foam surround. Also the double laminated variant is highly durable

·        The finishing of the rolled steel basket is perfect

·        With a mounting depth of 6.5 inches, it is not shallow.

·        Dual voice coils produce an increased performance

·        It has a frequency response of 25- 500 Hertz.

·        Kevlar reinforced paper cone is the latest in trend. Paper cones are ultimate for tone experience


It might take up quite a lot of space in your car trunk with its diameter of 12 inches


If you are a bass lover and are looking for a perfect accessory for your car, then this subwoofer will be a perfect buy. It has attractive features and its technical specifications just match up to produce music at a perfect frequency range.

This 12” device will enhance your joy of listening to music by multifold while you drive. It has good customer feedback and is a good investment with best in class features.

Also if you are specifically inclined towards guitar and bass, this one is your ultimate go-to product. You will fall in love with music all the more and nothing matches with music on the go.

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