Cadence Acoustics FXB12.1A 1200W Single 12 Amplified Subwoofer

Cadence Acoustics FXB12.1A 1200W Single 12 Amplified Subwoofer Enclosure Review

Cadence Acoustics FXB12.1A 1200W Single 12 Amplified Subwoofer Enclosure

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Enrich your Music Experience with a Cadence 12” Subwoofer Enclosure

If you are looking for a solution to just upgrade your music system for enhanced effects of bass, then Cadence enclosure is what you are looking for.

With car accessories becoming expensive with every passing day, a speaker system replacement is not you want to spend on.

FXB12.1A allows you to upgrade the stereo system in your car without collapsing the existing one entirely. It tops up as a great accessory and installs easily.

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It comes with a stereo amp which could be sourced for speakers or other set of accessories. This is your go-to device if you have a limited-space car.

If you spend too much time driving, it is only right if you indulge in a right subwoofer system for an enriched music experience.

It is important to choose a device which will fit in your car too, depending upon the trunk space available.

A complete review constituting the features, pros and cons is what you require apart from the basic research on products before you decide on buying this product. Let us see in detail the specifications of the subwoofer system.

Features of Cadence Acoustics FXB12.1A 1200W Single 12 Amplified Subwoofer:

  • Power: 1200 W peak/ 600 W RMS
  • Double laminated foam with high excursion outer surround
  • Encloses stereo amplifier
  • Compact at 19.7*15*11
  • Not bulky with just 12.2 pounds
  • Ultra stiff cone which is Kevlar reinforced
  • 4 layer Aluminum voice coil former, Black
  • Dust cap made of woven fiberglass

Pros of Cadence Acoustics FXB12.1A 1200W Single 12 Amplified Subwoofer:

  • It comes with a 12 inch sub woofer which is enclosed.
  • It is durable with its double laminated foam exterior cables.
  • It comes with an integrated amplifier which could be connected to the coaxial speakers or other devices
  • The fiberglass dust cap radiates energy of high frequency.
  • To assemble, you do not have to dismantle entire system, it gets topped up easily. No tear and wear required.
  • Paper is the best material in market right now for cones. Paper cone enhances the tone and makes the music experience rich.
  • Aluminum coil former dissipates heat well as it is the metals quality. It enhances the sound quality as it does not retain heat.


  • It comes with an internal amplifier for power. It is still perfect if you do not own an external amplifier already.


If you desire the best bass effect for your music while you are travelling and are too particular about tones, you definitely need a subwoofer system.

Self-powered subwoofers are great as they are not dependent on an external power supply. This 12” subwoofer enclosure is a must and would be an added asset to your music system.

You would simply love the perks it offers if you are a music buff. Installation is simple and hassle- free as it fits in great into an already existing music system.

You will be able to install in a jiffy and not spend hours poring over manuals to understand the technique. Your space saving option is also taken care of as this system is compact enough to fit into small cars.

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