JBL P963 6″ x 9″ 3-way Power Series Speakers (Pair)

Enjoy Your Favourite Tracks While Driving With JBL P963 6″ x 9″ 3-way Power Series Speakers (Pair)

We all enjoy a bit of music, while we are driving, just to relax and drive away the monotony of sitting behind the wheels.

Everybody opts for a good music system, while looking for good accessories in their car. All of you will agree that a good audio system is a great companion for long journeys.

JBL P963 6 x 9 3-way Power Series Speakers

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Now-a-days, speakers are not just for listening to music, but you can also talk through your phones or even listen to audio books.

Choosing the right 6×9 speakers for your car is a tedious job as there are so many things to consider, including budge and maintenance.

JBL P963 6 x 9 3-way Power Series Speakers are one of the best in the market at an affordable range. It comes with PlusOne technology, where carbon injected cones provide better speaker-cone area, which is among the best in its class.

The power series is a good set of speakers and users have recommended the product after using it. Let us take a look at the detailed specifications to know more about the product.

Features of JBL P963 6 x 9 3-way Power Series Speakers

Starting with the General Specifications-

·         It is a 3-way speaker with a size of 6” by 9”

·         Top Mount Depth is 2-15/16”

·         Shipping weight is 11.2 pounds

Audio Specifications are as follows-

·         Power Handling or Peak is 330 watts each or 660 watts per pair

·         Power Handling or RMS is 110 watts each or 220 watts per pair

·         Frequency Response is 35 Hz to 23000 Hz

  • Sensitivity is (2.83V@1m) 96dB

·         Nominal Impedance is 2 Ohms

Finally, the speaker specifications are–

·         Low Frequency Transducer – PlusOne HCL Honeycomb Laminate Woofer cone with two woven glass fibre layers with Nomex cone

·         High Frequency Transducer – 25mm (1″) edge-driven textile dome

·         Ultra High Frequency Transducer – 22mm (7/8″) edge-driven textile dome

JBL P963 6 x 9 3-way Power Series Speakers Pros:

JBL P963 6 x 9 3-way Power Series Speakers

1.      Amazing sound quality with deep base and clear mid and high frequency response

2.      PlusOne woofer cone is lightweight with more than 25% more active surface area, which boosts bass output and efficiency compared to others

3.      It has tweeter-level control, which helps to set the tweeter level as per the listening preference by using a simple switch

4.      The high bandwidth, textile dome tweeters reduce distortion, even at high volumes

5.      The patented woofer design provides high Sound Pressure Level and better suspension than earlier

6.      It is easy to install in most of the vehicles with outboard crossovers and oversized terminals for better connectivity


1.      Though it sounds good without an amplifier, but since it is power hungry, an amplifier might be necessary to power them at times

2.      Sometimes, the pigtail setup might be a problem for many


Most of the users have given high rating to this product due to its excellent sound quality and bass output. JBL Power Speakers will surely spice up the ambience in your car with the tunes you love.

Get ready to flaunt and enjoy your car ride, with amazing sound quality and surround sound effects.

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