JL Audio 12W1v3-2 12- Inch Series Mobile Subwoofer Driver Review

JL Audio 12W1v3-2 12- Inch Series Mobile Subwoofer Driver Review

JL Audio 12W1v3-2 12- Inch Series: Add Quality To Your Car with the JL Audio 12W1v3-2 12- Inch Series Subwoofer

If you like good bass when you’re listening to tunes on the road, then you definitely need a subwoofer for the audio system in your car.

There are a few car models, mostly high-end that do come with built in subwoofers, but for the most part; a sub-woofer is usually an additional component that you will have to buy as per your requirement.

JL Audio 12W1v3-2 12- Inch Series

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JL Audio has a 12-inch subwoofer driver that perfectly serves the purpose. This is a lightweight driver, and it delivers super sound quality.

The 12W1v3-2 mobile sub-woofer driver comes with an amplifier range between 75watts and 300 watts and it can produce intense base quality even at moderate to low power ranges.

JL audio as a brand has been known to deliver good quality audio and audio accessories and the 12W1v3-2 inch sub-woofer is no exception.

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Product Features of JL Audio 12W1v3-2 12- Inch Series Mobile Subwoofer Driver

  • This is a 12-inch 2-ohm subwoofer
  • It has a polypropylene cone
  • The amplifier range is 75-300 watts
  • It can handle peak power of up to 600 watts
  • The sensitivity of this sub-woofer is 85.9 decibels with a frequency response of 22-200 Hz.
  • This is a top mount sub-woofer with a depth of 5-3/8 inches.
  • It weighs 10 lbs.

Pros of JL Audio 12W1v3-2 12- Inch Series?

JL Audio 12W1v3-2 12- Inch Series

  • This is a super lightweight sub-woofer with a shallow mounting depth, so fitting it with any system should be easy.
  • Assembly and installation is quick and simple.
  • It can deliver intense sound quality even with moderate power levels.
  • It comes with JL Audio’s patent audio technologies which add to the durability and reliability of the product.
  • This sub-woofer can be fitted in a small enclosure (1.10 cubic feet).
  • The overall quality and performance is enhanced when you install it in a ported/sealed enclosure.
  • It has an elevated cooling system that delivers cool air directly above the voice coil. This helps with power handling and optimises sound quality
  • There is a customizable trim ring, which allows you to personalise the sub-woofer to match your panel.

What’s not so good about this sub-woofer?

  • The bass quality can be compromised if the enclosure is not sealed or ported well.
  • The amplifier needs to match this sub-woofer should be selected carefully to ensure optimum sound quality.
  • Though the product is easy to install, it is recommended to only do so after carefully reading and following every instruction in the manual.


This is a lightweight, quality sub-woofer designed to deliver beautiful bass. Once installed with the right amplifier, this sub-woofer really delivers shocking quality of intense sound and as promised, the bass quality remains excellent even in moderate power range.

The sensitivity and frequency response of JL’s 12-inch sub-woofer is good enough to let you enjoy your tunes with the full bass effect.

At $200 approximately, this is not a cheap purchase, but if you are an audio enthusiast, then this is one feather you can afford to add to your cap. This is a durable and reliable product and the bass quality will ensure you get your money’s worth.

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