MTX Audio FPR12-02 Shallow Mount Subwoofer Review

MTX Audio FPR12-02 Shallow Mount Subwoofer Review

Experience High quality bass with the compact, lightweight MTX Audio FPR12-02 Shallow Mount Subwoofer

Who doesn’t love a powerful sub-woofer dual amplifier combination that can just rip the tunes when you’re driving?

In an ideal world, even your compact car could accommodate a full scale sub-woofer, however, in the real world, that’s simply not an option.

MTX Audio FPR12-02 Shallow Mount Subwoofer


Luckily, there are products like the MTX Audio FPR12-02 Shallow Mount Subwoofer that despite being small and lightweight provide superior base and audio quality that too with your mono amps.

MTX is known for its audio systems and this 12-inch sub-woofer from the company is a super compact, shallow mount, and we’re talking really shallow – a depth of just 3.325 inches, which means you, can fit this sub-woofer in just about any car and with the most compact enclosure.

Normally, with such compact structures, sub woofers can only deliver mid bass, but this one provides full bass and you can feel the difference especially when you play really low notes.

Product Features of MTX Audio FPR12-02

  • This is a 12-inch sub-woofer with a 2-ohm single voice coil.
  • It’s a shallow mount with a mount depth of 3.325 inches.
  • The woofer cone has a rubber surround and is made of polypropylene
  • The peak power capacity of this subwoofer is 800 watts
  • It has a power range of 200 and 400 watts RMS
  • The woofer sensitivity is 83 decibels and the frequency response ranges from 22 Hz. To 150 Hz.
  • It has a one piece cone assembly (Spider design) which helps deliver true sub-woofer performance despite the compact size.
  • It comes with a dustcap cut away

What’s good about the MTX Audio FPR12-02?

MTX Audio FPR12-02 Shallow Mount Subwoofer

  • The cone spider assembly is designed such that the sub-woofer can move more air through which helps generate more SPL.
  • The heat generated around the voice coil is regulated well with 2 design elements.
  • This sub-woofer has the usual mechanical cooling, which allows continuous air circulation around the voice coil to prevent audio distortion from excessive heat.
  • Additionally, there is also a dusctcap connected to the voice coil. This dustcap is placed in the cone and it ensures that heat around the voice coil is transferred away from it.
  • The subwoofer is built so compact it needs an air space of just 0.6 cubic feet for optimum performance.
  • It can deliver true bass in frequencies as low as 25 Hz.

What’s not so good about the MTX Audio FPR12-02?

  • It is designed specifically for ported or sealed enclosures only, so sound quality could be affected if the enclosure is not sealed properly.
  • Works well with factory speakers, but when played at full effect, unless upgraded, there could be sync issues with the audio.


If you like your bass, but just don’t have the room in your car for the full scale sub woofers, then the MTX Audio FPR12-02 is your best bet. It is super compact and lightweight and yet manages to deliver the full bass effect even at low frequencies.

Despite its size, it is durable and comes with a 5 year limited warranty. At approximately $170 dollars, it’s not so heavy on the pocket either, especially when you consider the audio quality and bass intensity that you will get.

This is one lightweight sub-woofer that offers true value for money!


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